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Veterans Struggle and Success Story with PTSD

Paula Hebert Rosenberger
Caregiver Columbia SC- 

A year ago, I was going through something unimaginable!! John was no longer in control of himself, his PTSD was in control and he went missing for 4 days. He is doing so much better! I know he will have PTSD forever, but IT is no longer in control. His recovery has been slow, but I know he will keep moving forward!!!! I am so proud of him and love him so much!!! I am so thankful for the family and friends that were there for me and the kids during that painful time… Lisa Grazioli, Ada Lucena Schmidt,Daniel Schmidt, Ashanti Friels, Dave Landry (just to name a few…there were soooo many). A special heartfelt thank you to Steven Diaz and Hidden Wounds for everything they did to get the help he needed started.

Steven Carmichael
Army Veteran Starkville MS-

These people truly have a passion for helping veterans whether through their own organization or helping other organizations get started. No veteran should ever have to battle PTSD alone. These guys are helping to make sure they never will never be alone in their greatest time of need. Answer the call today and support Hidden Wounds as they support our nation’s wounded.

Alison May Klein
Supporter Columbia SC-

Hidden Wounds is the epitome of American grass-roots’ power. It was born of tragedy and has taken that as inspiration to meet the needs of veterans, both young and old. As more vets return, the need for support continues. Your gifts and talents are needed to sustain the fight.

Tony Lazzaro
Marine Veteran Sneads Ferry NC- 
An organization that truly stands in front of our heroes. They are devoted to saving our warriors life’s without hesitation of branch or circumstance. Way to make your country proud.

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