Programs and Services

Our programs and services are designed to provide immediate and emergency psychological treatment for active-duty, veteran, and retired military service members regardless of discharge status.

In many cases, we are able to act as a safety net until such time that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is able to deliver long-term services through government-funded programs.

We are also equipped to act as a liaison between counselors, veterans, and their family members in order to help dispel fear and lower the stigma surrounding the emotional and psychological challenge facing our military heroes.

Veteran-led Peer Support Groups

As a program of Project Josiah, we are able to offer non-clinical veteran led peer support groups. In our experience, we have learned that those who have served or are currently serving are more likely to confide in other service members because of the foundation of shared experiences.

Individual and Family Support

Through a partnership with The Big Red Barn Retreat, we are able to provide therapeutic services for combat- or military-related stress issues to active-duty, retired and veteran military service members, as well as their families, in a non-clinical environment. These services include therapeutic yoga, healing art, equine-assisted psychotherapy, weekly coffee support groups for veterans and first responders, a vegetable garden and beekeeping.