22 Today

Did you know that today, 22 United States veterans will take their own lives?

Did you know that you can help prevent that?

It’s frightening to think, but the Department of Veterans Affairs recently reported that roughly 22 military veterans commit suicide EACH DAY. Calculate that out over the course of the year, and it comes out to a greater number than the amount of active duty personnel who died in combat in 2012.

Let that sink in for a moment…in some ways, our troops are safer overseas than at home.

When the defenders of our freedom come home, the vast majority are re-acclimated with no problem. But far too many fall through the cracks, and are suffering from “Hidden Wounds” that in many cases, they’re reluctant to talk about.

That’s why we started our organization, Hidden Wounds – to help veterans who are suffering from PTSD and other physiological injuries. We are fighting to drive down those drastic suicide numbers by providing emergency and interim counseling to vets. We have no paid staff…100 percent of our funds go toward helping veterans.

Will you join me in fighting for our veterans? 

Your immediate online contribution of $25, $75, $100- or any amount of your choosing- will go a long way in helping.

Together we can succeed in helping desperate troops avoid choosing suicide. Donate today! 

PLEASE sign our petition and let our veterans know you’re with them.

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