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The War Within: Treating PTSD

CBS News-60 Minutes gets a rare look inside new therapy sessions that are changing the lives of vets who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder

The videos from the 60 Minutes interviews are exactly what veterans are going through today. We encourage you to watch the videos take the advice given from the veterans and medical professionals and reach out for help. Please share this link to those who might need some help learning what they are going through.


  1. I am a psychiatric nurse, with rattsgreiion in PA, presently living in upstate NY.I am seeking to have my license activated in NY.During my extensive experience in working in the behavioral sciences, and with an awareness of the growing numbers of our veterans returning with PTSD, I am desirous of being of assistance to them and their families.As I pursue NY licensure, and as the Veterans Administration is a federal entity, it seems that I could arguably qualify for employment at the federal level, by using my PA nursing license. Reading the accounts of the many women and men and their families who are suffering with this painful disorder and the increasing rate of suicide, I would like to be of assisstance, as the system seems to be in need of mental health professionals. I also have a masters degree in clinical psychology and am a certified hospice chaplain. I believe that my combination of education and experience could be made to fruitful use for those in need. Hopefully someone in a HR capacity will see this posting as I continue to search for a way to be of assistance. To those who are suffering, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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